About Me

My name is Maxine Sperling. I live with my husband who is an Architect, our daughter who is a fantasy fiction author, our cats Mac and Mimi and Sadie our dog. I am an artist. During the first half of my life I wanted to paint gorgeous life-size and life like portraits. I painted with oil paint and I “painted” with pastels, all what you’d call realistic.

In 2004 I was treated for ovarian cancer. I read about the challenge of the treatments and the triumph of survivorship. I read about how people’s lives were changed by illness, and intended to have mine reclaimed, my life and art lifted. Shortly after my treatment ended I began to work abstractly with the chalk to shake things up by finding something new.

I continued to draw from life, on my own and in regular sessions with my students working from live models. Today I continue to explore both modalities, moving seamlessly from color abstraction to observed images. Working in my studio keeps my head on straight.